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Iridomyrmex anteroinclinus Shattuck, S. O. (1993). Revision of the Iridomyrmex calvus species-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Invertebrate Taxonomy. 7 : 1303-1325 [p. 1311].

Type Material
Holotype, King Edward River, Kimberley Region, 15°08'50"S 126°08'40"E, Western Australia (ANIC (Canberra): worker (32-000009)).
Paratype, Cape Bernier, Kimberley Region, Western Australia (ANIC (Canberra): 1 worker (32-000008)).
Paratype, Mining Camp, Mitchell Plateau, Western Australia (ANIC (Canberra): 1 worker (32-000007)).



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