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Iridomyrmex mattiroloi splendens Forel, A. (1907). Formicidae. pp. 263-310 in Michaelsen, W. & Hartmeyer, R. (eds) Die Fauna Südwest-Australiens. Jena : G. Fischer Vol. 1. [p. 290].

Type Material
Syntype, Donnybrook and Albany, Western Australia (MHNG (Geneva): 1 worker).
Syntype, Donnybrook and Albany, Western Australia (WAM (Perth): 1 worker).
Syntype, Mundaring Weir, Western Australia (MCZ (Cambridge): 1 worker (may not be true type)).

Iridomyrmex emeryi Crawley, W. C. (1918). Some new Australian ants. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation. 30 : 86-92 [p. 90].

Type Material
Syntype, Healesville, Victoria (museum unknown: workers, queens, males).
Syntype, Mt. Victoria, Blue Mountains, New South Wales (UMO (Oxford): 2 workers, 1 queen, 1 male).

Iridomyrmex vicina Clark, J. (1934). Ants from the Otway Ranges. Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria. 8 : 48-73 [p. 62 pl. 4].

Type Material
Holotype, Beech Forest, Victoria (MV (Melbourne): worker).
Paratype, Beech Forest, Victoria (ANIC (Canberra): 4 workers (32-017918)).
Paratype, Beech Forest, Victoria (MV (Melbourne): 10 workers, 2 queens).



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