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How to Use the Keys

The identification keys used here are based on the traditional paper-based dicotomous key. They work in essentially the same way but are clickable with links to the next couplet and to taxon details. A typical page (or couplet) is similar to this:

Key to the Subfamilies

Previous Step | Start Over
Mandibles elongate and linear, with teeth only at the extreme tip (fig. a), and attached close together along the front margin of the head (fig. b). Go to taxon
Mandibles triangular, with teeth along the entire inner margin (fig. aa), and with their attachments at the outer corners of the front margin of the head (fig. bb). Go to next step
3 taxa:
Dolichoderinae, Formicinae, Nothomyrmeciinae

The upper panel contains a pair of characters or set of characters while the middle panel illustrates these characters. The bottom panel contains a list of the taxa which share these characters. Choose the character or set of characters which best fit the specimen being identified. Clicking on the arrows in the upper panel or the figures in the middle panel will move to the next set of characters. Continue selecting the characters which best fit the specimen until only a single name remains in the bottom panel. Clicking on this name will retreive information about the newly identified specimen.


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