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The Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) is the world’s largest collection of Australian insects and related organisms, containing over 11 million specimens. The Collection is an essential resource for taxonomic research and provides the basis for the discovery, inventory and understanding of Australia’s insect biodiversity.

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The ANIC database currently contains more than 460 000 specimens from over 44 000 sites across Australia and nearby regions. Please note that this represents only a small fraction of our total holdings. The available data is a reflection of various projects that required specimen data entry, therefore some groups are well represented and others not at all - although there may be specimens in the physical collection.

A complete list of taxa present in the database can be downloaded as a CSV file.
Computers can access data through our TapirLink provider.

Information on specimens is also available through GBIF, OZCAM and ZipCode Zoo.


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