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Philidris Shattuck, 1992

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Species of Philidris form large nests containing many thousands of workers in cavities of living plants or in rotten wood above the ground.  Some species are associated with plants which have special swollen stems in which the ants nest (these plants are called myrmecophytes, and include the genera Myrmecodia and Hydnophytum).  Philidris workers are very aggressive when disturbed and will swarm in large numbers to attack intruders.  Many species are also polymorphic, with workers varying greatly in size and with some having enlarged heads.  These large-headed workers are equipped with powerful jaws which they use while excavating nests in tough plant tissues and rotten wood.

Front of head.
Side of body.

Top of body.

This taxon is known from these habitats
The following rows were recorded as a pair from a single record.
Blank entries indicate no information was recorded.
 bark nest near creek 
 ex Hydnophytum rainforest 
 ex Hydnophytum sp. 
 ex leaf base bladders saurauia sp. 
 ex live Myrmecodia on tree in town 
 ex rotting log 
 ex sweeps of var. grasses 
 garden area on Arbocarpus sp in Hydnophytum 
 in bulb of mydnophytum 
 lowland rainforest 
 malaise trap 
 nest ex ant plant 
 nest ex tree fern stump 
 Nest in dead end of branch on tree 
 nest in soil at base of tree 
 on coconut 
 on leaves of a bush 
 on Melaleuca sp. in Savannah 
 strays ex clay bank Garden 
 under bark of log 
 under rock grassland 
 With Hypochrysops elgneri 
 yellow pan trap 
 yellow trays 
Allocasuarina forest  
Araucaria forest under stone 
Casuarina Nothofagus forest under bark 
coastal vegitation in Myrmecodia bullosa 
creek bank nest in soil in grassland  
dead twig on vegetation  
deciduous vine thicket ex Hydnophytum aff. formicarium 
Dense coastal vegetation  
disturbed rainforest  
disturbed rainforest carton tunnel on tree & Payllids coccide in tunnel 
edge of moss forest nest in bare soil on track 
edge of rainforest on tree debris cover 
Eucalyptus sclerophyll In spiny Myrmicodia on Banksia 
Eucalyptus woodland  
Eucalyptus woodland ex Myrmecodia on Melaluca 
gardens in ant plant Myrmecodia 
Grassy Melaleuca savannah  
in cocoa plantation nest in rotting wood of shade tree 
in Hoop pine rainforest in resin flow of a pine 
lowland rainforest  
lowland rainforest carton tunnel on tree 
lowland rainforest edge of stream on monocot flowerhead 
Lowland rainforest long trail up tree trunk covered by carton (sawdust) gallery 
Mangrove forest on low vegn. 
mangroves ex Myrmecodia aff. antoniis 
Melaleuca swamp ex Dischidia rafflesiana 
Melaleuca swamp ex Myrmecodia baccarii 
mixed oak forest ex rtn wood fragment 
Montane rainforest ex rotten log 
montane rainforest under moss on log 
Native gardens Ex rotten log 
nest in old termite nest  
rainforest carton covered gallery on tree trunk 
rainforest carton nest on sampling 
Rainforest carton runways on tree trunk 
Rainforest ex epiphytic fern about 1m above ground 
Rainforest ex rotting log 
Rainforest ex trunks and low foliage 
Rainforest Foraging on low shrub 
rainforest ground strays 
rainforest in ant plant Myrmecodia 
Rainforest in rotten wood 
rainforest in tree trunk cavity 
Rainforest Liter sample 
Rainforest Malaise trap 
Rainforest nest ex tree fern stump 
Rainforest nest in rattle pod Hoya 
Rainforest Nest in small dead tree 
rainforest on low shrubs 
Rainforest on tree trunk 
Rainforest rotting wood 
Rainforest sifted litter (leaf mold, rotten wood) 
Rainforest Stray foragers 
Rainforest termite like galleries of carton material along log and high into trees, aggressive species 
rainforest gully  
Rainforest gully ex rtn log  
rainforest gully nest ex rtn. wood fragment  
relict patch of rainforest in dead branch 1.3m off ground foraging in leaf litter 
Riparian woodland Nest in dead branch 
Second growth rainforest and edge of gardens under carton-covered paths of stems of ginger plants 
Swampy lowland rainforest ex rotting section of live trunk of understorey tree 
tall woodland ex Myrmecoidia aff. antoniis 
Vine thicket Stray ground foragers 
Wet sclerophyll  



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