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The Diphlebiidae are an endemic family of large, sturdy damselflies that perch with the wings held horizontally. There are five species, all stream dwellers, in an overlapping series from Cape York to Victoria along the east coast. The males are vividly coloured in blue, with black markings that are more extensive in some species than others. Females are pale brown where the blue would otherwise be. The wings in either sex may be infused with black-brown, either near the wingtip or more broadly across the wing, but there is much intra-species variation in this character. In addition, the wings may carry a milky white, linear mark that runs from the costal border to the anal margin about half way between the nodus and pterostigma.

  • Diphlebia euphaeoides larvae

  • Diphlebia coerulescens

  • Diphlebia euphaeoides

  • Diphlebia euphoeoides , female