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This peculiar, endemic family is represented by a single genus, Cooloola , from Queensland. The family somewhat resembles the Stenopelmatidae but is recognised by a number of distinctive characters: general colouration pale; head round, moderate in size; antennae short, bead-like. Eyes small, almost vestigial in females of at least one species; maxillae with long, dagger-like laciniae which are uniquely longer in proportion to the mandibles and are used in digging. Hind femora very short; tibiae, especially fore tibiae, strongly modified for digging. Tegmina represented as abbreviated black pads in males and absent in females. Species are fossorial, females probably permanently so, males emerging at night during rainy periods to seek females. They appear to be predacious. The sperm of C. propator seem to be the most primitive known for any orthopteran (Baccetti 1987). The karyotype of C. ziljan Rentz is 2n [male] = 21(XO). [Rentz 1980, 1986, 1987b; John and Rentz 1987.]

  • Cooloola propator