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The Tettigoniidae consists of many subfamilies that are found all over Australia, from the tropics to the deserts.


Tettigoniidae (katydids, bushcrickets, long-horned grasshoppers) differ from Haglidae by having more advanced stridulatory specialisation. Fore wing folded along line between CuA and CuP, horizontal part relatively small in fully winged species, hind wing with first fold in MP area. Archedictyon usually present over entire fore wing and sometimes on a small distal portion of hind wing. MA almost always fused to Rs for short distance in hind wing and occasionally in fore wing; CuA with its most anterior branch (or the vein as a whole) usually fused with MP over whole of its distal portion. The stridulatory mechanism of the fore wing has been described by Ragge (1955).

  • Tettigoniidae; female Acripeza reticulata

  • Alectoria superba, female

  • Terpandrus sp.