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Mostly large, winged or wingless species with mandibles enlarged in some males. Fore coxa with a spine or tubercle. Fore tibia with auditory tympanum in all Australian species except Onosandrus from south-western W.A. Australian species have the dorsal surface of the fore tibia armed with one or more spines. Of six known genera, three are winged in both sexes, the others are apterous. All occur in the forests of the east coast except Onosandrus which shares species with southern Africa. Of the four subfamilies, two occur in Australia. Henicinae are represented by Anabropsis which also has representatives in the New World and south-east Asian tropics. Australostoma is the sole representatives of the Deinacridinae (king crickets). Gryllotaurus is unassigned to subfamily. The karyotype of only one species has been studied. In Australostoma opacum 2n [male] = 22(XX). [Rentz and Weissman 1973; John and Rentz 1987.]

  • Australostoma opacum , male

  • Papuaistus sp.

  • Gryllotaurus bicornis

  • Papuaistus sp