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Recently published, Brock and Hasenpusch (2009) gives information on the families and subfamilies of the Phasmatidae. Previously Gunther (1953) gives keys to the subfamilies. The taxonomy and nomenclature of the injurious Australian species and some of their allies have been discussed by Key (1957, 1960).

The Phasmatidae generally consists of  the larger, spiny stick insects often seen in movies. The family is found throughout South East Asia, Australia, New Guinea and the Western Pacific.  There are seven subfamilies, the Eurycanthinae, Lonchodinae, Phasmatinae, Platycraninae, Tropidoderinae, Extatosomatinae, and the Xeroderinae. The Lord Howe Island Phasmid, Dryococelus australis , Macleay's Spectre, Extatosoma tiaratum tiaratum ,  and  the Peppermint Stick Insect, Megacrania batesii , are members of this family ( Hennemann and Conle 2008, Brock and Hasenpusch 2009).

  • Anchiale austrotessulata , male

  • Dryococelus australis ( Lord Howe Island Stick Insect)

  • Eurycnema osiris

  • Megacrania batesii

  • E xtatosoma tiaratum ( Spiny Leaf Insect)

  • Extatosoma sp. (spiny stick insect)

  • Anchiale briareus