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The Ditomyiidae are a species-poor family erected from amongst the Mycetophilidae for some 90 species in eight genera. Most species are found in the Southern Hemisphere, excepting the Afrotropical region. Biogeographical relationships of extant species suggest a minimum age for the group of at least the Lower Cretaceous.

Adults are most frequently encountered in wetter montane areas in the cooler months of the year.

Larvae are found in hard polyporaceous fungi (bracket fungi) or in galleries in dead (but not rotten) wood.


Adult Ditomyiidae are recognised by their wing venation, in which veins M and CuA1 are connected by a distinct crossvein (bm-cu)  and r2+3 is well developed.

The known larvae are typically mycetophiloidean, with one pair of thoracic spiracles but with eight pairs on the abdomen.