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A small family, of scattered world distribution, related to Stratiomyidae. Australia has a single species in the genus Solva .

In Australia, adults are collected a light traps or sweeping in rainforest. Larvae are similar to those of Stratiomyiidae. They are predacious or saprophagous, and have been reared from the decaying timber of a rainforest tree (Dodson & Daniels 1988).


The family is closely related to the Stratiomyiidae. They differ from Stratiomyiidae in having cell m3 closed, and mid tibial spurs. The antennae have a flagellum composed of 8 elements, and the hind femur is swollen, with ventral black tubercles.


Our single species, Solva laeta , occurs in North Queensland, and, beyond Australia, in Papua (Daniels 1976). In Queensland they are known from around Cairns and Iron Range.

  • Solva laeta