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This is a small family of flies recently separated from the Rhagionidae by Stuckenberg (2001).  Worldwide there are five included genera, but in Australia the fauna is represented by seven described species in the genus Spaniopsis .

The family is generally poorly represented in collections. Paramonov (1962) reports that specimens are usually collected in autum (March-May); they prefer humid shady habitats and occur more frequently above 1000 metres. The larvae of Spaniopsis are unknown, but larvae of the related Rhagionidae are thought to be at least partially predatory on other insects, and live in damp soils rich in organic matter.


Spaniopsis are small, compact flies with biting mouthparts. The antennal flagellum is not distinctly segmented; the eyes are always bare rather than hairy; there is a single hind tibial spur. The wings are hyaline and the pterostigma is distinct.


The family is distributed in the south-eastern states of New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania.