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A small family of grotesquely inflated flies, with a 'humped' back.

Most of the species are rare, but Ogcodes is sometimes taken in considerable numbers. The early stages are internal parasites of spiders (Schlinger 1987). Eggs of Ogcodes are often laid in large numbers on wire fences, clothes lines and even radio-telescopes; but practically nothing is known of life histories in Australia. Also called Cyrtidae.


These flies are remarkable in that many species have a very small head in comparison to the remainder of the body. Some genera have the eyes holoptic in both sexes (apparently fused in Pterodontia ), contact being below the long antennae in Panops and the wasp-like Leucopsina , and above the very short antennae in Pterodontia and Ogcodes . Acroceridae are thought to be closely related to Nemestrinidae.


Leucopsina , Panocalda, and Mesophysa are endemic, Panops occurs also in South America, while Pterodontia and Ogcodes are cosmopolitan (Paramonov 1957; Neboiss 1971).

  • Ogcodes sp.

  • Ogcodes sp.