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A small family with a disjunct distribution; the type genus Apsilocephala is found in western North America and two species in two genera, Clesthentia and Clesthentiella , are found in Tasmania. Until recently genera of the family were placed in the Therevidae, to which they are closely related. Nagatomi et al. (1991) removed the family from the Therevidae and discussed their morphology and phylogenetic position.
Little is known of the biology of adults.


Adults are similar in many ways to Therevidae, and nothing is known of the larvae. The two Australian genera are very similar morphologically, each contains just a single species restricted to eastern Tasmania. Apsilocephalidae have extremely complex male genitalia that distinguish them from Therevidae. Externally the two families may be distinguished on a wing venation feature: Therevidae have R5 ending well after the wing apex, Apsilocephalidae have R5 ending at the wing apex.


A small series of adult Clesthentia were collected in the late 1990s at window panes inside an abandoned farmhouse near Bagdad, Tasmania. Other than this, little is known of apsilocephalid distribution.

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