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In the Northern Hemisphere anthomyzids are common in damp meadows and marshes, and the larvae live mainly in shoots of grasses, sedges and other plants, though their habitats are diverse. Amygdalops probably lives mainly in forest and its larvae are unknown.


Australian anthomyzids are small, slender flies with the following features:

Postocellar bristles usually convergent; orbital bristles usually two, reclinate; vibrissa present; face uniformly lightly sclerotised or medially desclerotised, lower part of surface curving gradually on to ventral surface of head; pedicel of antenna without dorsal slit; first flagellomere oval, somewhat drooping; arista often plumose; scutellum with two very unequal pairs of bristles; anepisternum bare; katepisternum with one or two bristles; wing vein C with subcostal break only; vein Sc incomplete, fading distally; cells bm and cup small but enclosed; vein A1 + CuA2 sclerotised, but not nearly reaching wing margin; beyond the alula, vein A2 is absent (without trace).


Most genera of Anthomyzidae live in the Northern Hemisphere. Amygdalops is widely distributed in the old world tropics and one species has been collected in north-eastern Queensland.

  • Santhomyza sp.