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In Australia cypselosomatids are often found in caves ( Clisa ) or in the open, near forest ( Formicosepsis ). The larva of C. australis (McAlpine) lives in bat guano in caves and also in pit latrines.


The main diagnostic features include:

Face largely desclerotised, legs not attenuated, vibrissa and ocellar bristle well developed, mid-tibia with strong dorsal bristles, vein CuA1 not extending beyond cell dm, male with almost symmetrical postabdomen and no pregenital lobes on sternite 5.

They are further distinguished from the Neriidae and Pseudopomyzidae by the divergent postocellar bristles and somewhat drooping antenna, with the arista arising near the base of the first flagellomere.


This small Oriental-Australasian family is represented in Australia by three species in the genera Clisa and Formicosepsis .

  • Cypselosomatidae