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Neriid adults frequent low vegetation and tree trunks, sometimes in gardens. The larvae live in rotting vegetation, including fallen fruit. Those of Telostylinus angusticollis (Enderlein) often live in decaying stems of cut bananas.


The main diagnostic features include:

Head elongate; ocellar bristle and vibrissa absent; pedicel of antenna with terminal finger-like process on inner side; arista terminal on first flagellomere; all legs very long; mid tibia with apical ventral spur; in male, pregenital lobes of sternite 5 absent; genital segment very elongate; in female, segment 7 (ovipositor sheath) very long.


The family has a mainly tropical distribution. Only two species in the genus Telostylinus (synonym Derocephalus ) live in Australia.

  • Telostylinus lineolatus , banana stalk fly

  • Telestylinus angusticollus