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The family is poorly represented in Australia, with some 10 species in three genera. Three are well known, cosmopolitan species.

Larvae live in decomposing organic matter and most adults are rarely encountered. However, those of the Lesser Housefly, Fannia canicularis (L.), may enter houses in considerable numbers but are relatively innocuous. The latter species is commonly associated with poultry farms.


The adults are almost unique in possessing a true dorsal submedian bristle on the hind tibia; also, the very short vein A1+CuA2, of which an imaginary extension would intersect an extension of the curved vein A2. The larvae are characteristic: dorsoventrally flattened with a pair of dorsolateral processes on each segment.


The two species of Australofannia are endemic and restricted to southern Australia, as are four of the seven species of Fannia . The other Fannia ( scalaris (Fabr.), canicularis (L.), and leucosticta (Meig.)) are cosmopolitan, as is Euryomma peregrinum (Meig.).

Two species of Fannia are also endemic to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands.

  • Fannia sp.