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A small family of botflies, represented in Australia by only three known species: Oestrus ovis L., the sheep nasal botfly; Cephalopina titillator (Clark), the camel botfly; and Tracheomyia macropi (Froggatt), the kangaroo botfly. Some doubt remains as to whether there is only the one species of Tracheomyia .

Larvae of the sheep botfly are deposited by the female near the nostrils, and develop in the nasal sinuses; sneezed out when mature, they pupate in the soil. C. titillator has a similar life cycle in feral camels, but little is known about Tracheomyia except that its larvae live in the tracheae of kangaroos.


Oestrids resemble tachinids in the well-developed subscutellum, but the mouthparts are vestigial and vein M is directed forward to meet R4+5 well before the wing margin.


Oestrus ovis is common in flocks of sheep throughout Australia, while populations of red kangaroos and euros can be heavily infested by Tracheomyia . Little is known of Cephalopina .

  • Oestrus ovis

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