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The Diadocidiidae is a family erected from amongst the Mycetophilidae for a small, monogeneric group, represented as Tertiary fossils and certain extant species, predominantly from the Holarctic Region, but including a few Gondwanan species.

Larval Diadocia are found in rotten fungus-infested wood where they spin silken tubes.


Adult Diadocidiidae are recognised by their wing venation, in which veins M and CuA1 are connected by a distinct crossvein (bm-cu) which is aligned with crossvein r-m, and r2+3 is absent.

The larvae of Diadocidiidae are propneustic mycetophiloidean, with the epicranial plates failing to meet on the ventral surface of the head capsule.


As the presence of this family has long been recorded from Australia it is included in this catalogue. However, no further taxonomic information can be provided until such time as the Australian fauna is described: such an undertaking is outside the scope of this publication.