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Most species are primary endoparasitoids of lepidopteran (moth and butterfly) and dipteran (fly) larvae and pupae, although Hymenoptera, Coleoptera (beetles) and Neuroptera (lacewings) are also attacked. The family also contains hyperparasitoids, ectoparasitoids and gregarious species. Most are idiobiont pupal or larval parasitoids, although some are known to be koinobionts.

Keys to Australasian genera are included in Boucek (1988).


The Chalcididae are a medium-sized family of generally larger body size (2–  15 mm) than other members of the superfamily Chalcidoidea that are characterised by having the hind femur swollen and its ventral surface toothed. They are usually black and non-metallic, but often have yellow or red patches on the legs.

Further information about the Chalcididae can be found in Boucek 1988, Burks 1979, Gibson 1993, Naumann 1991, Noyes 2001.

  • Haltichellinae sp.

  • Proconura sp.

  • Chalcididae sp.

  • Epitranus ferrugineus

  • Smicromorpha doddi

  • micro wasp