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Peradeniids are very rarely collected and are only known from a handful of specimens collected in forested habitats in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania. Their biology is unknown but collecting records indicate that, unusually, the flight time of this family may be restricted to winter.


They are characterised by having a small closed fore wing radial cell that is distal to a narrow pterostigma, very large eyes, and a very elongate tubular (petiolate) first metasomal segment.


This endemic Australian family of moderately small wasps (5–  10 mm) was described only relatively recently (Naumann & Masner 1985). It comprises one genus, Peradenia , containing two described species.

Further information about the Peradeniidae can be found in Masner 1993 and Naumann & Masner 1985.

  • Peradenia clavipes