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This family includes Australia's most widespread embiid genus, Aposthonia , which also occurs throughout tropical Asia and the eastern Pacific area. In eastern Australia the principal species complex is A . gurneyi , found mostly in bark, post and rock crevices, and amongst lichens. The genus has its greatest diversity of species in W.A. A small black species in north Qld is one of the smallest of the order, averaging only 5mm in length. Many western species live in soil crevices, with no surface galleries evident except briefly after rains. Males frequently fly to light. Oligotoma is an Indian genus represented by the introduced species O . saundersii in Qld and O . nigra from inland N.S.W. Both may be expected to extend their range steadily in Australia, as they have in many other regions of the world.


Left cercus with terminal segment normal, clearly delimited by a membranous joint, basal segment often inwardly lobed but never echinulate; hind basitarsus with only 1 (terminal) ventral papilla.

  • Oligotomid (winged web spinner)