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Worldwide there are about 39 genera and 192 species, many of them desert forms. Tivia (2 spp.), Austropolyphaga (2 spp.) and Polyphagoides (1 sp.) occur in Australia (Mackerras 1968d).


Most primitive family of the superfamily. Spines may be absent on the anterior and posterior margins of mid and hind femora. Tegmen sometimes with reduced venation, or with a network of veins. Anal area of wing reduced and not folded fanwise in repose. Many have a postclypeal swelling and sometimes very large, protruding ocelliform spots. Male tergal glands absent in Australian taxa and rarely occur in others. Female subgenital plate sometimes bivalvular. Each ovariole contains 2 or 3 yolk-filled oocytes at ovulation. The oothecae have keels and a variably developed flange on the anterior end which is held by paraprocts prior to deposition (this based on non-Australian species since no Australian polyphagid oothecae have been described).