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There are 2 Australian species of Nocticola , both from North Qld; one is cavernicolous in the Chillagoe caves, and the other was taken in a rain forest light trap in Babinda (Roth 1988).


Very small, delicate, white or pale yellow. Males, if fully winged, with both fore and hind wings membranous, hyaline, pubescent, veins unbranched and reduced in number; tegmina may be reduced in length, hind wings vestigial or absent. Female apterous. Male abdomen unspecialised or with a gland on T4. Anteroventral margin of fore femur with a row of piliform setae, terminating in long spine.
Most are cavernicolous but at least some are termitophilous, and others are epigean. The eyes may or may not be reduced, but usually are represented by a few ommatidia in cave dwellers. The female's subgenital plate is bivalvular.

  • Nocticola sp. ( blind cave cockroach)