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Considered to be the most primitive family of living Dermaptera; its members are not common.


They are 10-35 mm in length, light to dark brown, winged and have long antennae. The Pygidicraninae ( Cranopygia and Dacnodes ) are slender and smooth, whereas Echinosomatinae ( Echinosoma ) are stout and covered with short bristles.


The most recent treatment of this group is that of Steinmann (1986). Brindle (1987) described Austroblandex bituberculatus ( Blandicinae ) from Vic. The other 3 blandicine genera are from South Africa and Madagascar. With Dacnodes and Echinosoma both represented in Australia and South Africa, Austroblandex further indicates the Gondwanan affinities of the family.

  • Cranopygia daemeli, female

  • Dacnodes shortridgei

  • Pygidicrania sp.

  • Pygidicranidae