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This cosmopolitan family of handsome earwigs is well represented in Australia.


Many species are reddish brown and apterous. They range from 10-45 mm long as adults and are found throughout Australia. Sakai (1970), Gunther and Herter (1974) and Steinmann (1977) have provided revisions of the group. Labidurinae are winged and somewhat glossy, have long antennae (more than 20 segments), and are often fairly large. Labidura truncata is a large, long-legged, mostly pale species having the ecdysial suture obsolete. It occurs throughout Australia, especially in sandy habitats. It is up to about 35 mm long and dull brown with straw-coloured markings. The male has long, slender forceps, widely spaced basally, with a prominent tooth near the middle of the inner edge. Specimens from northern Australia seem darker than those from more southern regions.


Nala lividipes is common throughout Australia; in Qld and north-western Australia, it has been reported feeding on seedlings of field crops and is often attracted to lights. Euborellia annulipes is cosmopolitan.

  • Labidura truncata , male

  • Labidura truncata , coastal form

  • Labidura truncata , inland form