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The only included genus, Laemobothrion , is parasitic on rails, storks and hawks. Three of the four valid species of Laemobothrion ( Laemobothrion ), a subgenus restricted to the Falconiformes, are cosmopolitan and occur on Australian hosts. The species present on the coot ( Fulica atra ) appears to be L . atrum which occurs on the same host in Europe.


Head relatively large; mouth-parts mandibulate. Antennae concealed in grooves, generally capitate, usually 4-segmented, 3rd segment wineglass-shaped; mandibles horizontal; maxillary palps 2-4-segmented; meso- and metathorax usually separate. Tarsi with paired claws; on birds, marsupials, canids. Head elongate, with strong swelling of lateral margins in front of eye, followed by approximately parallel lateral margins to horizontal (flattened or concave) anterior margin; base of antennae widely removed posteriorly from base of maxillary palps; lateral area posterior to eye with rows of minute projections; hind femur and some sternites with dense patches of microtrichia .

  • Laemobothrion tinnunculi  from Falco cenchroides (Nankeen kestrel), male