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In Australia, one genus occurs on introduced lagomorphs and, although the rabbit louse Haemodipsus ventricosus is common, the hare louse H . lyriocephalus has not been recorded. Species of Polyplax infest introduced species of rats and mice, and P . spinulosa which is common on Rattus rattus and R . norvegicus , is also found on some native species of Rattus in settled areas.


Head relatively small; mouth-parts developed into an unjointed more or less pointed beak, or rounded anteriorly, without mandibles. Head without eyes or ocular points. Head and thorax with only a few typical setae, abdomen without scales. Abdomen with distinct paratergites; fore coxae usually close together. S2 narrow, not extending laterally; mid legs subequal in size to hind legs; on rodents and lagomorphs .