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The family is cosmopolitan and includes the genera Elenchus , Deinelenchus , Elencholax and Protelencholax , the first two of which occur in Australia. Elenchus varleyi parasitises Delphacidae (Auchenorrhyncha) and occurs from the N.T. to the A.C.T. (Perkins 1905; Kathirithamby 1990a). Deinelenchus australiensis , which is found from Cairns to Brisbane parasitises Eurybrachyidae, Flatidae, Fulgoridae, Ricaniidae and Dictyopharidae. The hosts and females of D . berrimahensis from the N.T. are unknown.


Elenchidae are distinguished from other Strepsiptera by their 2-segmented tarsi and 4-segmented antennae in the male; the structure of the head of the male and female; and the structure of the aedeagus (Kathirithamby 1990a).

  • Deinelenchus sp. Adult male