Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae: Compsothrips


  • Compsothrips Reuter, 1901. Type species Phloeothrips albosignataReuter
    • Macrothrips Buffa, 1908. Type species Phloeothrips albosignata Reuter
    • Leurothrips Bagnall, 1908. Type species Leurothrips albomaculata Bagnall
    • Leptogastrothrips Trybom, 1912. Type species Leptogastrothrips reuteri Trybom
    • Oedaleothrips Hood, 1916. Type species Oedaleothrips hookeri Hood
    • Myrmecothrips Watson, 1920. Type species Myrmecothrips querci Watson
    • Myrmecothrips Priesner, 1926. Type species Myrmecothrips dampfi Priesner
    • Formicothrips Priesner, 1927. Type species Myrmecothrips dampfi Priesner


Currently 26 species are listed in Compsothrips. These are all wingless, and thus possibly have limited powers of dispersal. Moreover, many of the species are based on single collections, with no evaluation of the possibility of between-population variation in colour or structure.


Widespread around the warmer parts of the world, but not recorded from Australia.


Living in leaf litter, particularly at the base of grasses, and feeding on fungal spores.


Tribe Pygothripini, subtribe Compsothripina.

Apparently derived from Bolothrips-like ancestors as wingless ant-mimics.

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