Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae: Elaphrothrips


  • Elaphrothrips Buffa, 1909: 162. Type species Idolothrips coniferarum Pergande
    • Dicaiothrips Buffa, 1909: 169. Type species Thrips schottii Heeger
    • Klinothrips Bagnall, 1918: 217. Type species Klinothrips femoralis Bagnall
    • Elaphrothrips (Elaphoxothrips) Bagnall, 1932: 517. Type species Kleothrips athletes Karny
    • Elaphridothrips Priesner, 1932: 320. Type species Elaphridothrips andrapterus Priesner
    • Palinothrips Hood, 1952: 168, Type species Palinothrips palustris Hood
    • Elaphrothrips (Paraclinothrips) Priesner, Type species Elaphrothrips (Paraclinothrips) coniger Priesner
    • Elaphrothrips (Cradothrips) Ananthakrishnan, 1973: 273. Type species Elaphrothrips (Cradothrips) insignis Ananthakrishnan


About 120 species are currently listed in this genus, with another 40 names in synonymy.


Neotropical and Palaeotropical, but not east of Sulawesi.


Spore-feeding, particularly on dead hanging leaves, but with a few species at the bases of grasses


Tribe Idolothripini, subtribe Elaphrothripina.

Closely related to Mecynothrips and to Ophthalmothrips.

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