Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae: Gastrothrips


  • Gastrothrips Hood, 1912. Type species Gastrothrips ruficaudaHood
    • Goetothrips Priesner, 1925. Type species Goetothrips terrestris Priesner
    • Isopterothrips Bagnall, 1926. Type species Isopterothrips tenuipennis Bagnall
    • Syncerothrips Hood, 1935. Type species Syncerothrips harti Hood
    • Probolothrips Moulton, 1941. Type species Probolothrips hambletoni Moulton
    • Pharetrothrips Priesner, 1952. Type species Agnostochthona curvidens Karny
    • Percnothrips Ananthakrishnan, 1967. Type species Percnothrips turbinatus Ananthakrishnan
    • Paragastrothrips Zur Strassen, 1977. Type species Paragastrothrips mauli Zur Strassen


A total of 32 species is listed in this genus.


Circum-tropical, with distinct Neotropical and Palaeotropical species groups.


Spore-feeding on dead twigs


Tribe Pygothripini, subtribe Gastrothripina.

Although the only genus in the subtribe Gastrothripina, this genus is possibly derived from Bolothrips-like ancestors.

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