Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae: Mecynothrips


  • Mecynothrips Bagnall, 1908: 356. Type species Mecynothrips wallacei Bagnall
    • Phoxothrips Karny, 1913: 132. Type species Phoxothrips pugilator Karny
    • Kleothrips Schmutz, 1913: 1057. Type species Kleothrips gigans Schmutz
    • Dracothrips Bagnall, 1914: 290. Type species Dracothrips ceylonicus Bagnall
    • Acrothrips Karny, 1920: 43. Type species Acrothrips sorex Karny
    • Kleothrips (Synkleothrips) Priesner, 1935: 330. Type species Kleothrips (Synkleothrips) innocens Priesner
    • Kleothrips (Akleothrips) Priesner, 1935: 332. Type species Kleothrips (Akleothrips) karimonensis Priesner


This genus includes 14 recognised species, with a further 14 names in synonymy.


Eastern and southern Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, New Guinea, Taiwan, northern Australia.


Spore-feeding on dead leaves and branches, with males exhibiting confusing patterns of allometric growth.


Tribe Idolothripini, subtribe Elaphrothripina.

Related to, or probably derived from, Elaphrothrips.

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