Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae: Priesneriella


  • Priesneriella Hood, 1927: 198. Type species Priesneriella citricaudaHood
    • Pygidiothrips Hood, 1938: 389. Type species Pygidiothrips seminole Hood
    • Parallothrips Hood, 1939: 602. Type species Parallothrips thomasi Hood
    • Embothrips Dyadechko, 1961: 688. Type species Embothrips tubversicolor Dyadechko


Eight species are currently placed in this genus


Three species are described from USA, although one of these three is considered to have originated in Australia (Mound, 2007). One species is from New Zealand, and four are from Europe.


Living at ground level in leaf litter and on dead twigs, and presumably spore-feeding.


Tribe Pygothripini, subtribe Allothripina.

Closely related to Allopisothrips and to Allothrips.

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